Every year,  the government charges businesses several million dollars in penalties and interest for not paying payroll taxes or filing payroll reports on time.   And the way things are in our economy, state and federal entities are hungrier than ever with their collection vigilance.  Don't put an audit target on your back by making avoidable payroll errors.  

Choose Check Mate and get the service you've been craving.  You're not a dollar sign or an account number to us.  Instead, you're a business owner or industry professional who needs to free up their time to do what you're best at: making your business thrive.  

And unlike some of our giant and generic competitors, you can always call and talk directly to the person preparing your payroll.  Our size makes us flexible, and our experience makes us a powerful teammate helping you succeed.   From one employee to several hundred, we can handle your payroll needs.


The Check Mate Advantage

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